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When you want to update one or more fields in a few individual patron records, use Update Patrons. You can change or clear up to three fields at once for individual patrons. Determine the change to be made, and then identify the individual patrons by typing or scanning their barcodes.

Update Patrons showing an updated patron

To update a patron individually:

  1. Select Back Office > Update Patrons > Update sub-tab.
  2. Use the following table to fill in the fields:
    Based onSelect Individual Patron.

    Use the Change drop-down to select a field to update:

    • Patron Type
    • Any User Defined field
    • Graduation Year
    • Grade Level
    • Homeroom
    • Card Expiration Date
    • Currently Teaching (in Textbook Manager only)
    • Patron Status
    • Access Level (if you are an Administrator).

    Enter or select the new contents in the to field that appears.
    To clear a field, leave the to field empty.

    To update a second or third field, repeat. If you are updating only one or two fields, leave the unused fields at Select a Patron Field.

    Note: If you select Access Level, you can change the Access Level and the Resource Group.


    • To speed the search, select the Only search checkbox, and select the field from the list.
      As Destiny processes the record, the patron's name, patron type, and barcode number appear under the Most Recently Updated section.
    • To complete the task for active patrons, select the Only Active Patrons checkbox.
  3. Make sure the cursor is in the Patron field, and then scan a patron's barcode number.

    Note: To verify the changes, click the barcode number or Edit Patron next to the updated patron.

  4. Click Update Patron.
  5. Continue scanning the remaining barcodes to update the information as needed.

    Note: If you cannot scan a barcode, or it brings up the wrong record, you can search the database by entering a patron name (or part of a name, followed by *), Grade Level, Homeroom, User Name, User Defined field or District ID, and clicking Update Patrons. Then, select the correct patron in the resulting list.


Version: 17.0 ~ Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020 ~ 7:34:46 AM