Add a Scheduled Patron Update

Typically, you schedule a patron import to update your patron records in Destiny.

Follett-hosted/Regional Consortium

For Follett-hosted or regional consortium customers that must use the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) option, see:


For Follett Canadian customers that must use the SFTP option, see:

Add Scheduled Patron Update

Important: On the Schedule Patron Update page, the File encoding field defaults to the encoding type in the properties file. Mac only supports MacRoman and Windows-1252 encoding.

  1. Log in as a district user.
  2. Select Back Office > Update Patrons > Schedule sub-tab.
  3. Click Schedule It.
  4. Use the following table to complete the required fields:

    Note: You can select either Directory (default) or SFTP URL.

    In this field…Do this…
    Job NameType a job name for the update.
    Directory (default)Enter the path to the .csv file on the server.
    *SFTP URLEnter the server name and any subfolders where the .csv file exists.
    *User NameEnter the user name configured to access this server and folder.
    *PasswordEnter the password for the user name.
    *File nameType the .csv file name.
    Properties fileClick Choose File, and navigate to the location of the properties file.
    *When using SFTP, these fields are case-sensitive. To validate that the connection to the server is successful, click Test Server.
  5. Make any other changes to the non-required fields:
    1. (Optional) UnderJob Schedule, select the type of update you want to run each day.


      • To convert and upload all of the records in the .csv file that match the properties configuration, select Full.
      • To convert and upload only records that are newer or have changes since the last update, select Incremental.

      If your patron population is under 50,000, Follett recommends selecting Full for each update. If your patron population is over 50,000, select Incremental on weekdays and Full on weekends.

    2. (Optional) Select any of the Patron Update Job Options.
  6. When you are finished, click Save. The Update Patrons page appears.
  7. Find your job, and then click Run. The Job Manager page appears.
  8. Review the Job Summary, and proceed accordingly.

To work with messages in the Job Summary:

Common Exceptions in the Update Patrons Job Summary

Resolving Barcode Conflicts in the Update Patrons Job Summary


Version: 17.0 ~ Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020 ~ 7:34:49 AM