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Typically, you add a patron when either:

  • You do not have a data source system, such as a student information system.
  • A student or patron is not currently in the data source system.

Note: District-level users can add a patron to additional sites. This is needed when patrons are taking classes at other sites in the district. The patron can be transferred to the additional sites. See step 4.

Add New Patron

  1. Select Back Office > Manage Patrons.
  2. Click Add New Patron. The New Patron page appears.
  1. Click the General sub-tab.
  2. Populate the Patron Information accordingly.

    In the User Name field, use special characters* to minimize the risk of patrons being considered duplicates or skipped during a patron import.

    * periods, dashes, underscores and apostrophes

    Examples:   jsmith, j.smith, j-smith, j_smith, j'smith are each considered different patrons.

    Note: District users will see an +Add Additional Site button. When a site is added to a patron, the Site Information section lists the primary and additional site. From this section, you can execute the transfer. To do so, click Transfer Patrons for the site you want to transfer the patron to.

  3. To print a label when you save, select the Print Label on Save checkbox.
    Note: For more information, see Print Patron Barcodes.
  4. (Optional) Add address information or a picture.
    If you want to add ...Then ...
    Address information
    1. Click the Address sub-tab.
    2. Populate the information accordingly.
    Picture information
    1. Click the Picture sub-tab.
    2. See Patron Picture.
  5. When you are done, click Save.

Version: 17.0 ~ Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020 ~ 7:34:44 AM