Assign Access Level Permissions

In Destiny, the Administrator can assign an access level that gives the user the ability to see and set the rights for other users. Through the access level, you can specify which of the access level sub-tabs a user can manage.

For example, the Administrator (Site Admin) can turn on the ability to "Access Library Materials access levels" for the Library Administrator. Any patron with the Library Administrator access level can access the Back Office > Access Levels > Library Materials sub-tab, and change permissions for other users.

To assign access level permissions:

To give product access level permissions, do the following:

If you want to... Then...
Enable the permissions from the district
  1. Log in as the Destiny Administrator.
  2. Select Setup > District Options.
  3. Next to Access Levels, click Edit.
  4. Next to an access level, click .
Enable the permissions from the site
  1. Log in as a site-level Administrator.
  2. Select Back Office > Access Levels.
  3. Next to an access level, click .

On the General sub-tab, select the appropriate permissions in the Product Access Levels section.

Note: The Destiny Admin is the only role who can change permissions for a Site Administrator.

Permissions lists all available permissions on every sub-tab in Back Office > Access Levels. Information includes what a user with the permission can do, the access level it is granted to by default, the Follett product it applies to, and any related dependencies.

Version: 17.0 ~ Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020 ~ 7:34:31 AM