Update Patrons

Use the Update Patrons option to make the same changes to a group of patron records. Depending on your access level, you may not have all the tabs or fields available to you.

Update Patron page Update sub-tab

  • Update: Lets you change or clear up to three fields at once for individual patrons
  • Delete: Lets you delete multiple patron records, or just patron notes, at once
  • Merge Duplicates: Lets you retrieve all the duplicates for a particular patron, select the Preferred record, and delete the others
  • Move Fields: Lets you move the contents, or value, from any one of the User Defined fields to any one of the following patron fields: Grade Level, Homeroom, Nickname, or another User Defined field
  • Excuse Fines: Lets you globally delete fines and refunds
  • Global Check In: Lets you check in all textbook copies owned by your school, whether barcoded, unbarcoded or both

    Note: Global Check In is available in Destiny Textbook Manager when there are checked out textbooks.

If you are a district user with the Manage Patrons for the District permission, you also have:

  • Update [Patron Associations]: Lets you globally associate patrons with additional sites
  • Upload Changes: Lets you add new patrons and helps you keep your records current as patrons move throughout or leave the district
  • Remove [Secondary Site Associations]: Lets you delete secondary site associations that the patrons in your district may have
  • Schedule [Patron Updates]: Lets you define and schedule a process to update your patron records

Version: 17.0 ~ Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020 ~ 7:34:45 AM