Scheduled Patron Update

The Scheduled Patron Update feature lets you define and schedule updates to your patron records.

Run an Existing Update

  1. Select Back Office > Update Patrons > Schedule sub-tab.

    District Update Patrons page Schedule sub-tab

  2. Find your job, and then click Run. The Job Manager page appears.
  3. Review the Job Ssummary, and proceed accordingly.

Set Up a Scheduled Patron Update

Important: You must be a district-level user to set up a scheduled patron update.

Before You Begin

Before you begin to set up a scheduled patron update, you need to know:

  • The name and location of the .csv file containing your patron data. For details on the .csv file, see Patron Import Converter.
  • The character encoding of the .csv file.
  • The frequency and the days that your district administration creates the patron data file to be used in Destiny.

    Note: If you have multiple patron files, such as one for students, one for faculty, and one for staff, you must set up a scheduled patron update for each file.

Did you use the Patron Import Converter to convert your data?

If… Then you need…
Yes The generated properties file.
No To run the Patron Import Converter.

For more information on messages you may see in the Patron Update Job Summaries, see Common Exceptions in the Update Patrons Job Summary.

Add a Scheduled Patron Update

  1. Select Back Office > Update Patrons > Schedule sub-tab.
  2. Click Schedule It.
  3. Follow the steps in Add a Scheduled Patron Update.

Version: 17.0 ~ Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020 ~ 7:34:49 AM