Key Roles (Destiny Hierarchy)

Understanding the typical structure of the key roles in Destiny helps you know who can do what.

District Access Level Setup

Access levels and permissions are customizable. Access levels are often set up by the Destiny Administrator during implementation. For example:

  • The Destiny Administrator can configure specific access levels for one, multiple or all the schools in the district. Based on the access levels granted to them, the Site Administrators can then take control and manage the access levels at their school.
  • The Destiny Administrator can define and manage the default access levels for all sites, and only allow Site Administrators to view the permissions for each access level and assign access levels to patrons.
  • The Destiny Administrator can allow each Site Administrator to set up and maintain access levels for their school.

Destiny hierarchy

District- vs. Site-Level View

A user that needs access to the entire district should be set up as a district-level user with site access. District permissions include:

  • Manage Library Materials for the District
  • Manage Textbooks for the District
  • Manage Resources for the District
  • Manage Patrons for the District
  • Create Reports for the District
  • Access District Warehouse

A District user can be set up with one or more of the permissions. District users are typically set up during implementation, but the Destiny Administrator can add, delete or edit district users and their permissions.

  • When district-level users log into the district, they can perform district-level actions. For example, a district-level user with Create Reports for the District permissions can log into the district and create district reports.
  • When district-level users also have site access, they can perform site-level actions when they are logged into the site. For example, a district-level user with site access can log into the site and run a site-level report – but a user with Create Reports for the District permissions would have to log out of the site and into the district (or click List All Sites on the top left of the screen) to run district-level reports.
Destiny Administrators District-Level Users Site Administrators
  • Manage the Destiny software
  • Configure the permissions for district-level users and Site Administrators
  • Create the district-level user accounts
  • View all jobs for the district
  • Add, maintain and delete sites
  • Manage district policies
  • Can navigate into a site
  • Can export titles and transfer resources at a site, but not based on content from a Resource List

Manage materials across the district. They may act in one or more roles for the district:

  • Manage patrons, including imports
  • Create district reports
  • Manage library materials (LM)
  • Manage resources (RM)
  • Manage access levels
  • Create site reports
  • Complete site-level tasks
Functions Destiny Administrators cannot do
  • Assign permissions at the site level that have not been granted to the Administrator
  • Manage patrons, library materials, resources or run reports from the district level
  • Own a Resource List
  • Check out or hold library materials or resources
  • Incur and be charged fines

Permissions affect a patron's ability to perform various functions and see certain tabs, options and sub-tabs. See Permissions for more details.

If your role requires a deep knowledge of permissions and access levels, consider reviewing the Security Setup training materials for Library Manager or Resource Manager. If you would like to attend a facilitator-led training, contact your Inside Sales Technology Representative. To find out who your Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative or Technical Support contact is for Follett content, technology and textbook products and services, go to