Access Levels and Permissions

Access levels regulate what users can see and do in Destiny. Each access level contains a set of permissions. Permissions affect a patron's ability to see certain tabs, pages, controls and text. The Destiny Administrator or a Site Administrator can edit the permissions within a particular access level.

Note: A Destiny Administrator can manage access levels or assign a user the Product Access Levels permission, which lets them see and set the rights for other users of the selected product.

The district users set up during installation are:

  • Destiny Administrator
  • District Reports User
  • District Library Cataloger
  • District Patron User
  • District Resource Manager

The access levels set up at the site during installation are:

  • Administrator
  • Library Administrator
  • Resource Administrator
  • Teacher
  • Staff
  • Patron
  • Guest

By default, these users are granted specific permissions. At the bottom of this topic are links to all available permissions on every sub-tab in Admin > Access Levels. Information includes what a user with the permission can do, the default access level the permission confers, the Follett product it applies to and any related dependencies.

To update permissions for an access level, select Admin > Access Levels, and next to an access level, click Edit.

At the top of the page, you will see the selected access level.

Available Self Circulation Access options.

Under the Access Level field, designate how long users with that access level can be idle before Destiny will log them out. Consider the type of information users with the access level can see. If they have access to patron data, you might want the timeout to be short.

Additionally, if you use a self-checkout station, you can protect patron information and privacy by selecting to:

  • Set the number of seconds of inactivity before the Circulation tab resets.
  • Display limited circulation information (Library only): Only patron first name, picture and last item checked out will show during checkout.
  • Suppress circulation messages (Library only): Hold and block messages will direct patrons to talk to their librarian during checkout and checkin.

Use the Collection Role drop-down to choose a role, which defines:

  • The actions a user can perform in Collections by Destiny®.

    Note: For more information, see Collections Help.

  • The version of Destiny Discover a user sees.

    Note: For more information, see Destiny Discover Help.

When you want to grant a user type different access than was originally defined, then you need to edit a permission. Any change will impact anyone assigned that access level.

Edit Permissions

Important: Permissions with a strikethrough indicate that only the Destiny Administrator can manage that given permission, not the Site Administrator.

  1. Log in as Destiny Administrator or Site Administrator.
  2. Select Admin > Access Levels. The Access Levels page appears.
  3. For the access level you want to edit permissions, click Edit. The permissions for the selected access level appear.
  4. Make the changes accordingly.
  5. When you are done making changes, click Save.

Use the links to view permissions on the associated sub-tab: