Upload Changes using an XML file

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Upload Changes lets you add new patrons and helps you keep your records current as patrons move throughout or leave the district.

You can use a single XML file to add, update, delete, or transfer any of the patrons in the district.

If the upload could transfer patrons that may have textbook or resource checkouts, you can have Destiny® transfer the textbooks or resources along with the patron:

  • To allow the automatic transfer of checked-out textbooks, have your Destiny Administrator select the check box in the Textbook Management section of the Edit District page.
  • To allow the automatic transfer of checked-out resources, have your district resource manager select the check box on the resource's Edit Template page.

To upload a single file

  1. If the upload could delete patrons who have current checkouts or fines—and you are going to allow that, select Allow patrons to be deleted even if they have outstanding transactions. Otherwise, Destiny retains their patron records. If you select the check box, any copies checked out to the patrons are marked Lost, and any other transactions (fines, holds, reserves) are deleted from the system.
  2. Click Browse to locate and select your XML file.
  3. To begin the processing, click Update.
  4. To view the job summary listing all the updated patrons, open the Job Manager in the Back Office.


Destiny v16.0 Help includes the most recent product updates. For details, see What's New in Destiny Version 16.0.


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